Sheilagh is my wonderful whole health physician who is incredibly smart and has a wholistic and spiritual approach to health care that I think you will appreciate.  She is the best doctor that I’ve dealt with to date.  It’s hard to find doctors with the combination of great skills, warm personality and real care and concern for their patients.  She’s got it.

- Sherilyn Williams Casiano, NY, NY

Dr. Weymouth embodies qualities you seldom find within the medical profession. Truthfulness, integrity, caring, intuitive, she is brilliant with her diagnostic processes, intervention techniques and is authentically holistic.

I live in Florida and would not think of going to anybody else. I am self employed and also self pay. I actually found that my healthcare costs decreased because of the accurate diagnosis, intervention and results.

This Doctor is extraordinary, a rare find. I highly recommend her if you want to achieve high level wellness and longevity. She continues to inspire me to take responsibility for my own health.

- Consultant; St. Petersburg, FL

I so appreciate the excellence you express in so many ways including: knowing the importance and being willing to take the time to do by far the most extensive initial intake appointment I've ever experienced; the broad and deep spectrum of multi-faceted, multi-dimensional experience, expertise and modalities you offer; your continuing to expand those modalities; the way your practice is conducted and your office is run. You are a strong leader and facilitator; you are open to collaboration; you make yourself available to speak by phone with your current and potential clients (and that you called to follow-up with me after our initial appointment!); and, you offer referrals to wonderful people and practitioners. In working with you, I have an increased sense of possibility about being able to flesh-out my long-time vision of experiencing radiant health, well-being, balance and abundance. For all this, and much more, I am deeply grateful. Many blessings.

- SZ, New York, NY and AZ

Dr Weymouth's work has had a tremendous impact on my overall health. I feel so much stronger, and my energy level has greatly improved. I have greater emotional balance and increased clarity of thought and focus. Dr. Weymouth uses a very intricate approach, blending science with intuition and sensitivity. I am blessed to have Dr. Weymouth as my partner in health.

- Ariel Belanger; Jacksonville, FL

I have known Dr. Weymouth for over 15 years. During that time I have appreciated the honesty, wisdom and professional demeanor with which she conducts herself. She has been a source of valuable information to me regarding patient care and treatment. She is very dedicated to her profession and the advancement of patient wellness.

"Sheilagh has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. Her good judgment and intelligent outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to her endeavors. She is one of the leaders and forward thinkers in our profession.

- Dr. Patrick D. Feder; Eureka, MO

Dr. Weymouth, thanks so much for giving so generously of yourself, and sharing your boundless knowledge in the area of detoxing, to the New York City Chapter of the Women's Wellness Society. I enjoyed your healing presence, and found you to be a captivating, knowledgeable speaker. The women especially enjoyed the interactive portions of your talk, where they were up on their feet and participating in the experience. It was interesting to learn that detoxification is intracellular as well as extracellular, and that we can detox emotionally and mentally as well. I would definitely recommend you as a presenter to other groups, and hope to have you back to speak on some of your other topics of expertise such as female hormones and the importance of sleep.

- Robyn Hartman
New York City Chapter Leader
Women's Wellness Society

Sheilagh is a tenacious learner who delves into areas of interest wholeheartedly. She seeks out knowledge and teachers who go beyond the superficial. She loves a challenge and finding the imbalances that are leading to the illness of her patients. She is a positive, proactive person with a good sense of humor but also has a serious and respectful approach when dealing with her patients' health.

- Dr. Dana E. Alter; St. Louis, MO

Dr Sheilagh Weymouth at WholeLife HealthCare has helped my two sons and me in ways I could never have imagined. She was able to find deeper and more long lasting solutions to our ailments including anxiety, food allergies, sleep issues and sensory integration issues. Her approach is holistic, treating each of us entirely, not just for the particular problem we may be experiencing. For the anxiety, Dr. Weymouth was able to help not only by providing supplements that my body needed, but also by advising me on what I needed from a diet, rest, activity standpoint. She takes the time to educate and truly cares about her patients, more than I've experienced with any other healthcare professional. She offers a unique and effective approach to healing, preventive care and ongoing health.

- E.S.; New York, NY

I want to thank WholeLife HealthCare and Dr. Sheilagh Weymouth for testing my hormone balances. The test results showed no need for estrogen therapy which had been recommended by my gynecologist. Since my mother died of breast cancer this was very important information.

I have seen Dr. Weymouth for some years to bolster my immune system and to support my body's healing capacity. Periodic hormone checks uncovered a problem with my thyroid. Dr. Weymouth found the root cause which was an auto-immune disease complicated by genetic food intolerances. I have stopped eating gluten, cow dairy, soy and egg whites and my thyroid is no longer "under attack." With continued immune system support provided by Dr. Weymouth I am enjoying excellent health.

- Rayda Vega; New York, NY

Dr. Weymouth, thank you so much for recommending a solution to my chronic skin rashes, fatigue, insomnia, and other health problems. My immune system was under attack from the electronic pollution and radiation from transmitting towers for TV, radio and cell phones. Your prescription for the Total Shield was the answer. There are a lot of EMF neutralizers on the market but you were able to supply me with best quality available. I feel renewed and healthy once again.

- Sharonah Rapseik, PhD., ASCP